Why IT Xchange Rentals?

IT Xchange Ltd offer short-term services that assists resellers and distributors with technology rentals. Our quality service and flexibility helps our clients build strong partnerships with customers, and we’re recognised as a leader in short term technology rentals. We have been channel neutral for over 20 years, and with locations across the UK and Europe. IT Xchange Ltd is able to provide quick services to resellers and businesses.

  • Laptops and mobile workstations
  • Tablets, iPads and accessories
  • Asset tagging and hardware configuration

In addition to short term technology rentals, IT Xchange has the unique ability to work with manufacturers to maintain their demo unit pools. These are pools of assets usually owned by the manufacturer but maintained by IT Xchange. With our logistics expertise, we handle everything from scheduling and managing product availability, to warehousing, shipping the assets, and getting them ready for the next demo. By handing management over to IT Xchange, OEMs can focus their efforts on generating and closing sales rather than administering and overseeing demo units.

Head Office

Block 15 Port Glasgow Industrial Estate, Dubbs Road, Port Glasgow, Scotland, PA14 5UG

 Telephone +44 141 840 6440

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